Monday, March 30, 2009

Hilarious things to say from the mouths of babes

One day while waiting in the car with my son who at the time was only about 3 years old, he became bored so i suggested he come up the front and pretend to drive. So after a while of doing this he was getting restless so I said to him what he needs to do is put on his shades and roll down the window then put his arm on the window frame and we can go cruising for chicks. He loved the game. So a few days later I was taking my kids in the car when I heard my son say to his sister what u need to do is put the window down and put your arm on the window frame and we can go cruising for ducks. 5 minutes later I still had tears rolling down my face.

Straw up the nose

I can remember this as one of my most embarrassing social slip ups ever. While out one night I was trying to impress a man who was friends with the people I went out with. So most of the night i was keeping him engaged in witty and interesting conversations (at least I think so). When at one point I forgot that the drink I was drinking from, had a straw in it. So I preceded to take a drink and the straw went up my nose. This left me with a guy I was trying to impress calling me nostrils all night and me with a very red face.