Monday, April 6, 2009

The embarassing words of a child

If you have children there at least has to be a handful of time when you wish that you would be able to sink into the ground after they have said somethings embarrasing. My daughter has a nack for doing it and this started from a young age. The most memorable one for me was when she would have been about three years old and we had friends over to watch the new Austin Power movie. This was the one where the fat bastard made his first apperance. One of my friends had brought a friend of hers with her that i had not meet before. This person was a rather large person. Now you can probable all guess what I gem of a daughter said. When the scene with the fat bastard came on she pipes up and says oh look thats you on tv. All I could do was try and sink further into my lounge and hide.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

All glued up

I once worked with a lady who would do some very strange and very silly things. One of her finest mistakes was when she ordered some envelopes for the use of posting mail for the company. She was having some problems with getting the envelopes to stick after she had licked them. So she returned them to the supplier and got another box to replace. The same thing happened. So when she went to return them the suplier asked what had been going wrong. Once she explained that the glue was not working because they would not stick once she had licked them. This was when the supplier informed her she had been licking self sticking envelopes and had in fact been licking off the glue.