Sunday, May 10, 2009

Priceless Humor that a child can provide us

My daughter and I had moved into a new house. I was in the process of starting to unpack the boxes and arrange the furniture. My daughter who was 15months old and just crawling, was investigating the new house. After a short time I heard her crying upstair and I went to investigate. She had managed to crawl into the bathroom and had her finger stuck in the plug hole. I started to panic with visions of the fire department having to come out and rip our drains and shower apart. Now since we had only just finished the last load of furnture half an hour before and being in that load the fridge. This ment we had no ice or anything cold enough to put on her finger to slow the swelling. So I raced to the neighbour house. I had not even had a chance to introduce my self at this stage. No picture this a women who was close to hysterical and some one they had never seen before asking for ice. One I could explain enough to then they checked and discovered that they had no ice. All they had was an ice block. So we all decided that at this point it would have to do. So I raced home with the ice block. One entering the house my daughter was still crying. I entered the room and as soon as my daughter spotted the ice block she preceded to uncurl her finger and pull it out of the plug hole.

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