Monday, May 25, 2009

Monkey Humor

My son has a learning problem that we had been referred to a doctor for. So we went in and while I spoke to the doctor my son played with the toys in the corner of the office. Once the appointment was finished my son and I were walking out when he asked me what the doctor had said. So I thought for a minute about how to try to make it a light subject without my son feeling like he was in trouble or stupid. So my answer was "well son its like this, you were not born a little boy you were really born a monkey" he looks away and seem to think about this then a light bulb goes off and he looks at me and says nah. I have no idea why my kids never believe me when I tell them things. But to this day every time we go to the doctors I say "yep still a monkey"

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  1. Kiwispirit,

    I am deeply sorry to hear this sad incidence you have been gone through, but continue to pray for your son to restore to the normal.

    God bless,